Extremely rare white dolphin spotted swimming with pod off California

Animals are amazing and they keep on amazing us.

A whale watching tour in California, USA, got to see an extremely rare animal.

The group saw a white dolphin that was swimming with a pod a couple of miles off the coast.

Dana Wharf Whale Watch, the company that was organizing the tour, shared a video of the dolphin on social media.

They said in the post that crew members that were with the Newport Coastal Adventure spotted the dolphin with a pod of around 40 Risso dolphins off the coast of the Laguna beach.

For those that are wondering, dolphins have a dark color along with the white, but this dolphin is completely white.

Laura Lopez, a naturalist, was with Dana Wharf Whale Watch when they captured images of the extremely rare wihte dolphin.

Lopez said that the animal is not albino and is leucistic.

This condition is related to albinism.

A leucistic animal only involves a partial lack of pigmentation, but in albinism, it is a complete lack of pigmentation.

Since the year 2018, the same dolphin has been spotted numerous times by locals and people that are trying to watch whales.

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