Family left shocked after finding over 50 snake skins inside their house

A snake catcher from Australia recently shared a horrifying news, where he said that he found more than 50 snakes skins inside their house.

Snake catcher Dave, of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, recently revealed that he found more than 50 snake skins in a house in Rocksberg, Queensland on Tuesday, May 4.

He later said that the family that owned the house was suspecting that there was something living over them.

In order to investigate, they hired Dave, who conducted a roof inspection.

No one had any clue on what was up there, so when Dave returned from the roof, he had found 30 snake skins.

He later said that the skins belonged to carpet pythons and common tree snakes.

In a post that was made on Facebook Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, they said that there were more skins left on the roof of the house.

Stuart McKenzie, who works with Dave at the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, said that there is nothing unusual with the news.

He explained:

Snakes spend a lot of time in roof spaces because there’s lots of food up there like rodents. It’s rare you’d get a brown snake or red belly in your roof.

Stuart said that he once found over 100 snake skins in a job that he once carried out.

The children at the house loved learning about the incident said Dave.

They also had a lot of questions to ask Dave about the snakes.

One boy also held the snake skins in his hand and took a picture with them.

I mean, that boy has some guys. I’d be scared for real if I had to hold a lot of snake skin.

Stuart said that people should not be too nervous about snake skins in their roof. But if they think that there is a snake roaming freely in or on their house, they should call their local snake catcher just to be sure.

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