Family Reunited With Late Relative’s Class Ring After It Went Missing 20 Years Ago

A family from Ohio, USA, were left amazed after they were reunited with their late relative’s class ring, which went missing 20 years ago.

Jed Worline, who is from Continental, Ohio, said that Josh, his brother, lost his Continental High School Class of 1999 Ring.

The man was reportedly working near Forest, Ohio, in the year 2000 when they lost the ring.

Josh passed away in the year 2005 after suffering an epileptic episode.

The family did not think about the lost ring until a former classmate reached out to Jed late last year to pass on the contact information for a man named Harry Paytom.

Payton was using his metal detector at a park in Forest when he came across the ring, which had a Pirate logo on it.

After doing some research on the internet, the man got to know that it was likely it belonged to a Continental High School Graduate.

Payton reached out to the administrator of a Class of 1999 page on Facebook.

They got to know about the death of the man and his story.

Talking about the incident, Jed Worline said:

It made perfect sense, because Josh was in that part of the state for work when he lost it. That happened in 2000, so the ring had been lost for more than 20 years. I reached out to Harry. … I’m not an emotional person, but that tugged on my heart strings and it brought back so many memories of my brother.

Jed gave the ring of his brother to Etta Worline, their mother.

Talking about the ring, Etta said:

I was in shock when I realized whose ring it was. The man who found the ring gave a part of Josh back to me. It’s hard for me to explain it, but it felt right after all that time.

Such an amazing thing, right?

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