Fisherman reels in scary looking “sea monster” that has razor-sharp teeth

A fisherman from Alaska, USA, shared images of a real life sea monster that he reeled in when he was fishing.

39-year-old Nate Iszac caught the fish off the coast of Alaska and took it close so he could look at how scary it was.

In the images that he shared, you can see the gigantic jaw and razor sharp teeth of the fish.

The man took a number of pictures with the creature, which was later identified as a wolf eel.

For those that have no idea what wolf eels are, they are capable of growing up to 7ft long. Not only that, but they are capable of crushing their preys with their jaws.

Talking about the fish that he reeled in, Nate said:

When we saw it there was a nervous excitement in the air. I have seen them before and know they can bite very hard so we were cautious.

Nate, who is originally from Oregon, USA, said that he caught the eel on March 9 of this year.

He was fishing just off the Akutan Island in Alaska when he caught the fish.

After taking images of the eel, he threw it back in the sea.

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