Florida Man Hailed As Hero After Risking Own Life To Put Alligator Into Garbage Can To Protect Neighbor’s Kids

A man from Florida, USA, is being hailed as a hero after they risked their own life to put an alligator inside a garbage can to protect the kids of the neighborhood.

In a video that is viral on social media right now, you can see the man wrangling the alligator into a garbage can.

During an interview with Inside Edition, Eugene Bozzi, a father and a former military man, shared the video on social media.

Bozzi shared the video with the caption:

I got kids to protect. I was getting ready to play basketball, but long story short, I see the alligator, and I didn’t hesitate.

Bozzi single handedly faced the alligator and used a garbage can to rescue the angry animal.

As he was trying to rescue the gator, it could be head hissing him.

At one point in the video, he was also heard telling an onlooker to let him know if the head of the gator is going inside the garbage can.

After some time, Bozzi managed to do the impossible.

He managed to get the angry alligator inside the bin and was brought to a pond, which is around 400 yards away from the houses.

He carefully released the gator in the water so it could do its own thing.

No one was injured in the entire incident.

By Pei Yong

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