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Former high school classmates find out that they are long-lost twin siblings

A pair of former classmates in the United States of America recently found out that they are twin siblings.

51-year-old Karen Warner recently found out her biological mother’s name a couple of years ago when Indiana unsealed adoption records.

The discovery came with a surprise, that she had a twin brother.

Warner sought help from various adoption websites so she could know who her long-lost brother is.

Warner said that she was just waiting because she did not have a name to go by or anything.

But things changed when she obtained local voting records.

The records had 3 men who shared her birth date.

The third name on the list was Mike Jackman and he stood out because he was a high-school classmate that she recently got in touch with on social media.

The woman told him that they might be twin siblings and the 2 decided to find out together.

The pair had a DNA test performed and it confirmed that they were related.

Jackman said:

It’s filled a void in my life I didn’t know was there. There was something out there, I didn’t know was there and now it’s here. She’s here.

The siblings said that they talk on a daily basis and they get together a couple of times on a weekly basis.

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