Indians Are Buying “Cow Dung Cake” From Amazon And They Are Not Liking Its Taste

A tweet that is viral on the internet right now shows that a bunch of Indians are buying cow dung cake from and they are not liking it.

I mean, it’s cow poop, how can someone like it?

Dr. Sanjay Arora, a Twitter user, made a post last year and it is currently viral.

In the tweet that they made, pictures were shared that showed reviews of cow dung cakes, which have a round shape.

Cow Dung Cakes are not meant to be eaten, instead, they are used in Havans, which are a form of prayer and they are thrown inside the fire or sometimes used in other purposes, but not eating.

Despite living in India, some people did not know this.

The description of the cake also said the same: “Inditradition Pure and Holy Original Cow Dung Cake, for Havan, Pujan and Religious purposes.”

But despite the warning, some people did not get the memo.

A reviewer, who bought the cake and ate it, shared their review and they were not happy with the product.

They said in the product:

It tasted very bad when I ate it. It was grass-like and muddy in taste. I got loose motions after that. Please be a little more hygienic while manufacturing. Also, pay attention to the taste and crunchiness of this product

I mean, you’re not supposed to eat it buddy.

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