Man Dressed As Joker Injures 17 People With Knife In Tokyo Train Attack

A man has been arrested for attempted murder after 17 people were injured in a knife and fire attack on a train in Tokyo.

According to official reports, the suspect was wearing a Joker costume.

Passengers ran out and jumped out of windows during the incident, which happened on Sunday, 2021.

24-year-old Kyota Hattori, the suspect, told the police he “adores” the Joker character from the Batman films.

He also told the police that he wanted to kill people and wanted to receive the death penalty.

Images and videos that were shared on social media showed the attacker wearing a green shirt and purple suit.

The man attacked passengers on the Keio Line train with a knife and started a fire inside the carriage using lighter fluid.

Kyodo said a male passenger in his 70s was in critical condition after they were stabbed in the chest.

16 other people suffered minor injuries, which includes smoke inhalation.

Reports also said that the attacker showed no emotion during the attack.

A female passenger, who was not named, said:

He held a knife and started spreading liquid. He was committing this act without showing any emotion, just mechanically. I think that brought fear to everyone.

Dozens of firefighters and police officers were sent to the scene after the horrifying incident was reported to the authorities.

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