Man Gets Insurance Payout After Centipede Bit His Balls While He Was Asleep

A man from Taiwan who decided to strip off and have a nap on his floor woke up to find that a monster centipede had bit his balls.

Ye, the man, is from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

He told reporters that he was woken up by the sharp pain in his groin and when he checked up, he saw a centipede biting his balls.

During the interview with the reporters, he said:

I was shocked and I initially wanted to slam a book down onto the centipede but quickly realised why I should not do it.

The thing is, at first, he tried to pull the centipede off, which just made the pain worse.

With hopes of removing the dangerous insect, Ye decided to crush the creature in his fist, which made it release its grip.

The intimate area of Ye was wounded, which made him go to the hospital, where his damaged parts were properly cleaned and patched up by the medics.

The thing is, he also contacted his insurance company.

A representative from Ye’s insurance company told him that the centipede bite was an unusual event, and in fact, in her 10 years with the company she has never heard a similar incident.

As a result, he was entitled to a payout.

The insurance representative told Ye that the incident made him entitled to a payout for loss of earnings while he recovered.

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