Man High On Drugs Drives Car Under Airplane As It Landed On Bangkok Airport

Things that you do when you are high on drugs.

A man from Bangkok, Thailand, is making headlines all over the world for carrying out something that no one would ever dare to, considering that they might die in the most horrible way possible.

The motorist that we are talking about was high on drugs when they decided to drive inside the airport.

Not only that, they drove their car under an airplane as it was landing on the airport.

The man was later arrested and they said that they had taken the wrong turn.

The entire incident was caught on camera and you can watch it below:

The airport staff watched the entire thing in shock and they rushed to corner the vehicle so they can avoid any unfortunate incident.

The person that took the video was heard saying:

I don’t know how the car made it onto the runway. The airport is such a valuable company, but they haven’t even managed to stop the car from getting into the airport. This is such a safety and security breach. It’s so terrible.

The officials said that the driver was high on methamphetamine and had no idea that they were driving inside the airport.

Squadron Leader Suthirawat Suwanwat, the director of the airport, said that staff were rushed to the scene in order to stop the person.

The driver that broke inside was identified as Prathipat Masakul.

He told the police that he was drunk.

Tests showed that the man was under the drugs, which were also found inside his car when he was being arrested by the authorities.

THe man also admitted that he was drunk.

Authorities arrested Prathipat on suspicion of intruding into restricted areas of the airport, illegal possession of drugs, and illegally consuming and driving while under the influence of methamphetamine.

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