Man kills burglar, keeps his dead body inside house for 15 years, and used air fresheners for bad smell

Something you will never think off.

A man from Australia reportedly killed a burglar, kept his dead body inside their house for 15 years, and used air fresheners for bad smell.

It is believed that the house owner used around 70 air fresheners to mask the smell that was emitted by the dead body.

A coronial inquest heard that Bruce Roberts, a man from Sydney, Australia, shot Shane Snellman, a house intruder, during an attempted home robbery.

The incident happened in 2002.

The house owner then kept his body inside their house, said a report by ABC.

Robert himself died in 2017 of natural causes, and this is when his neighbours reported something fishy to the police.

Neighbours alerted emergency services who found his body slumped over a heater.

The thing is, there was another body that authorities found.

When cleaners were hired, they found something.

The dead body was found surrounded by mire than 70 bottles of air freshener.

The owner of the house is a known hoarder, who never really left his own house.

Dozens of firearms were also found from the house of the man.

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