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Man Misreads Lottery Ticket Just To Discover He Won $150,000

A man from North Carolina, USA, misread a winning lottery ticket just to end up realizing that he had won a lot of money.

At first, the man said that he thought he had won $1000, but after looking at the numbers properly, he realized that he had won $150,000.

Aweis Mohamed, the man, said that his heart dropped after realizing his massive win.

Mohamed, who is from Greensboro, North Carolina, was interviewed by Fox8.

Mohammed works as a manufacturing technician, and he bought 3 tickets after work at his local Penny Saver Outlet.

The first 2 were duds.

He added:

I scanned the one I won, and it said take it to the lottery headquarters. And when I took it, I thought I won $1,000 and the lady said I won $150,000 and that I had to come to Raleigh.

After tax reductions, the man ended up getting $110,864.

Mohammed pocketed the money and wnats to use it to help pay his mortgage.

The man added:

I had to see it to believe it. I told myself to stay positive and stay humble, and if it’s your time, it’s your time.

That’s a pretty wild story!

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