Man Swallows Entire Nokia 3310 Phone

 Sometimes, you cant believe what you read on the internet and sadly, this one is true.

A man in Kosovo is making headlines all over the world after they managed to swallow an entire Nokia 3310 phone.

According to reports, Doctors in Kosovo had to help a 33-year-old man after they reportedly managed to swallow an entire phone, which was left trapped in their stomach.

The phone was so big that their body could not digest it.

Their life was also placed in danger as a corrosive battery acid could have leaked out.

Skender Teljaku, the doctor that led the medical team, shared pictures of the incident on Facebook.

In the pictures, they shared the pictures of the phone, endoscopy images along with an X-Ray picture that shows the phone was really inside.

According to reports, the doctors removed the foreign object without having to cut into the stomach by taking it out in three pieces.

There were also no complications.

The phone that they swallowed is actually an L8STAR BM90, a phone that looks amazingly similar with the Nokia 3310.

The phone though, the one they swallowed, is the smaller version of the phone.

According to local news agencies, the man took himself to the hospital in Pristina, Kosovo.

They came to the hospital with pain in their abdomen, which was as result of the phone being inside there.

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