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Man Uses His Boat To Save Animals That Got Stranded Due To Flash Flood

Not all heroes wear capes, some are just disguised as normal human beings and they just want to do good for people.

In the year 2016, a flash flood that hit Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi, caused thousands of people to evacuate their houses, which got destroyed.

People did leave, but some poor animals got stranded.

Frankie Williams, a plumber and a part-time gardener, was busy packing his belongings to get himself to safety when he saw something.

The man noticed that animals that were trying to escape the woods near his house were having a hard time.  

The animals were gathering in a small patch of dry land in the front of his house and he decided to see if there were any other animals left.

The man ran to his old boat and made their way into the flooded woods.

He and his brother started to see that there were a lot of animals and they started to save them.

They ended up saving rabbits, ground shrews, and field mice.

But upon getting more into the woods, they started to notice larger animals.

Upon reaching, they realized that raccoons, armadillos, and opossums were there and they were really trying to save themselves.

The brothers saved as many animals as they can.

The story of the 2 brothers just shows that you do not have to be rich to do good in life, even the smallest acts can make the biggest difference.

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