Mother finds massive huntsman spider guarding hundreds of babies inside son’s toy truck

A mother from Australia found a massive huntsman spider guarding hundreds of babies inside the truck of her son.

These weird things happen a lot in Australia.

Brooke Thorpe, who is from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, shared the images on Facebook.

While sharing the images, she said:

Found this little mumma today with her sac! I was actually outside with my two pythons letting them get some sun when my nephew bought me this toy and I found this.

During an interview with MailOnline, the mother said that her 4-year-old son was stoked after finding the massive spider.

She said that the spider can stay in the safe spot until the babies are not yet welcomed in this world.

An expert that was in talks with MailOnline, they said that there might be up to 200 baby spiders indie the white sac.

The expert added:

The mother spider is holding onto the egg to feel if there is any activity inside. The egg is still white, so she just laid them and the hundreds of babies are still developing. Spiders tend to lay in protected zones like behind sofas when there is a lot of windy weather. But the inside of the plastic truck has a pocket of limited airflow to protect the mum and her egg.

The mother is a legend for allowing the spider to stay there.

Huntsman spiders may look life-threatening, but in reality, they are not really.

They do have venom and their bites can make people sick, however, they are reluctant to attack humans.

Instead of attacking, the spiders prefer to run away.

They are also natural pest controllers, keeping bugs and other insects away from breeding inside houses in Australia.

Such an amazing story to share!

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