Mother Who Left London To Join ISIS Begs Officials To Be Allowed To Return With 3 Kids

A mother who left London to join ISIS in Syria is now hoping to return to the UK with her kids.

Nicole Jack, the mother, used to live in Shepherd’s Bush in West London before she took her daughters to Syria in 2015.

The 34-year-old former London resident is now being detained with her seven-, nine- and 12-year-old, in Syria’s Roj refugee camp.

Jacks aid that she and her daughters were forced to leave their house in London by her husband, Hussein Ali.

the woman claims that Ali made her join ISIS on the threat of tearing their family apart.

During an interview with the BBC, Nicole explained why she left and also noted that she knows not everyone will understand her.

She said:

Secondly, what may have happened, we’ve never been witness to it, my children and I, honestly, you know, I haven’t seen a beheading in my life. They should at least consider and try to understand why or what was the situation without having just a closed mind like, okay, stay out there and rot.

Jack and her family are located at the same camp with Shamima Begum.

Begum was one of the 3 schoolgirls from East London who went to Syria in 2015.

Begum was just 15 when she left the country and during a recent interview, she asked everyone in the country to forgive her actions.

She also said that she thought at that time that she was doing the right thing.

Just like Jack, Begum begged the UK government to be allowed to return, however, she was not allowed.

Jack and her daughters are among around 16 women and around 35 to 60 British children who are currently detained in Syrian camps.  

In a recent plea that Jack made, she asked Boris Johnson to help her out.

She added:

I really never understood why people would say someone who went to Syria was a security risk because they actually left the country. They did not cause harm to a country by being inside of it.

Jack remarried after Ali, her first husband, died during a fight for ISIS 1 year after the family left London for Syria.

Her recent husband, Adil de Montrichard, was killed in an airstrike along with her son Isaaq, who had been 10 years old.

The 12-year-old daughter of Jack told BBC that she misses her aunties and grannies.

She also noted that she wants to go to school and make friends.

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