Mystery Fever In India Kills 24 Children With 8 Dying Within Ours Of Falling Ill

A mystery illness has killed 24 children in India, with doctors claiming 8 of the kids died just a couple of hours after contracting the disease.

Health officials in Haryana, India, have failed to identify the cause of the killer fever in their state.

The doctors said that the fever starts with nausea, joint pains, headaches and dehydration.

The doctors at a local hospital in Palwal, a district in Haryana, India, said that around 3 children, aged 7, 3 months and a baby that was nine days old, died on Friday.

A report by News18 said that the fever death toll is now officially at 24.

One of the dead children’s parents told news agency that their girl was brought to the hospital after complaining of fever.

The girl died a day after she was brought to the hospital.

Another parent at the hospital said that their son had similar symptoms, however, the child died the next day.

The health bosses have failed to identify the mysterious disease and the cause of the deadly disease.

They have also collected blood samples from the dead children.

A health official investigating the deaths of the children said:

The samples have been collected to identify the causes behind the mysterious fever.

The local health department in Haryana are yet to release a statement about the deaths of the children.

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