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Oldest Living Person In Australia Says Secret To Long Life Is To Eat “Half A Dozen Prawns A Day” And Keep Breathing

Dexter Kruger, the oldest person in Australia, celebrated his 111th birthday at a nursing home and he said that he eat half a dozen of prawns on a daily basis.

Dexter Kruger is the oldest living citizen in Australia and he just celebrated his 111th birthday at a nursing home.

He celebrated it at a nursing home in Roma, which is located in South-Western Queensland.

Kruger was born on January 13, 1910.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the celebrations of the man were limited.

But despite that, he is still going to enjoy the event any less.

The man said:

COVID-19 means quite a few people can’t come, but we will still have a good time.

After he was asked what the secret to long life is, the man said that he just eats 3 times a day and to keep breathing.

The man said:

There’s no secret. Keep breathing, have three meals a day, and the time goes on.

The man said that he sings a lot and he eats something on a daily basis.

He added:

I have half a dozen prawns every day. I think they’re very good for you. And for my evening meal, I’ll often have a tin of sardines with my soup.

The man is so old that he has been through a lot.

The man has been through both world wars, the great depression, and a number of droughts in the country.

Despite that, the man is positive.

Talking about the pandemic, the man said:

We’ll get through this virus thing. In my industry – the cattle industry – we had several big problems overcome with vaccines. We’ve exterminated many things with vaccines, and that will happen with this.

Dexter Kruger took the crown as Australia’s oldest living person 111-year-old Mabel Crosby passed away last year on December 30, 2020.

The best thing about him is that he does a lot of things despite his old age.

The former farmer started to write books at the age of 86 after his wife passed away.

The man has successfully written 300 stories in 12 books and he even recently published one.

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