Oregon Man Captures Images Of Extremely Rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox In A Parking Lot

A man from Oregon captured images of an extremely rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox that was roaming freely at a parking lot.

Watch the video below:

The images are currently viral on social media right now.

Alan Miles, who is from Bend, Oregon, said that he was in the parking lot of Skyliner in Mount Bachelor when he saw another person taking images of an animal.

When he realized that it was very unusual looking, he did the same.

During an interview with KTVZ-TV, he said:

I saw a lady taking a photo of this animal on the hill, looked up and it was this very unusual animal — it was not a dog — and just thought it was real special.

After the images were shared on social media, the animals were identified.

Wildlife Experts said that the animal was a Sierra Nevada Red Fox.

The species are extremely rare, where 50 are believed to exist in the wild in state of California.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said that the species was first confirmed to be living in Oregon in the year 2015.

Fish and Wildlife Biologist Jamie Bowles said:

Very little is known about the Sierra Nevada red fox. We haven’t taken a look yet at population size estimates or density in our area. So it is a misnomer, their name, the Sierra Nevada red fox. We actually see a lot more of the darker-coated foxes here in Central Oregon, specifically in the higher elevations.

Pictures show that the fox had black fur with white at the end of its paws and tail.

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