Good News

Indonesia Signs New Law Where Child Sex Offenders Will Be Chemically Castrated

Indonesia has announced that they will be signing a new law where child sex offenders are going to be chemically castrated. The new law was brought in quietly. The new law will see inmates that have been proven guilty with sexual charges to be chemically castrated. The practice involves injecting an inmate with a solution […]

Sahil Varma
January 5, 2021

Good News

Kind Police Officer Pays For Shoplifters’ Christmas Dinner Instead Of Arresting Them

A Massachusetts police officer that responded to reports of a suspected shoplifting incident did not arrest the shoplifters, instead, they ended up paying for their Christmas dinner. What a police officer. Matt Lima, a police officer in Somerset, Massachusetts, was called to Stop and Shop, a food store, after owners reported that a shoplifting was […]

Pei Yong
January 4, 2021