Cow Attacks Man Who Was Abusing A Stray Dog

Justice served! A video that is currently viral on social media right now shows the moment a cow attacking a man that was abusing a stray dog. In the video, a man wearing a shirt and trousers could be seen harassing the stray dog, which could be heard whining in pain. The thing is, a […]

Sahil Varma
November 2, 2021


Man Dressed As Joker Injures 17 People With Knife In Tokyo Train Attack

A man has been arrested for attempted murder after 17 people were injured in a knife and fire attack on a train in Tokyo. According to official reports, the suspect was wearing a Joker costume. Passengers ran out and jumped out of windows during the incident, which happened on Sunday, 2021. 24-year-old Kyota Hattori, the […]

PY Goh
November 1, 2021


Amazon Fires Driver After Woman Was Caught Getting Out Of Their Delivery Truck

The baby you have ordered is going to arrive in ETA 9 months…. A driver for Amazon was fired after a video of them went viral on TikTok. Watch the video below: The video that we are talking about, which you can watch above, shows a woman getting out of the back door of an […]

Pei Yong
November 1, 2021