Woman Cracks Her Teeth After Eating Fireworks Thinking They Were Popping Candy

A woman from the United Kingdom ended up cracking her teeth after she ate fireworks thinking that they were popping candy. Yes, that happened and it’s hilarious and saddening at the same time. Lisa Boothroyd, who is from Warwickshire, UK, found a box full of “Fun Snaps” along with the sweets that she  got from […]

Pei Yong
January 19, 2021


Man High On Drugs Drives Car Under Airplane As It Landed On Bangkok Airport

Things that you do when you are high on drugs. A man from Bangkok, Thailand, is making headlines all over the world for carrying out something that no one would ever dare to, considering that they might die in the most horrible way possible. The motorist that we are talking about was high on drugs […]

PY Goh
January 19, 2021


It’s Real! Snow Falls On The Dunes Of The Sahara Desert

When people think about deserts, they usually think its going to be pretty hot and really sandy, but that’s not true. Images that are viral on social media right now show snow fallen on parts of the Sahara Desert and the entire thing is just amazing! It is not frequently seen that the Sahara Desert […]

Sahil Varma
January 18, 2021