Border Patrol Agent Is Charged For Spraying Urine On His Boss’ Desk Before Retiring

A border patrol agent is currently making headlines all over the internet for doing something no one is supposed to do before retiring. The former Border Patrol agent is currently facing up to 1 year in jail for spraying urine all over a number of items on his boss’ cubicle before retiring. Eduardo Flores Jr., […]

Pei Yong
January 16, 2021


Indian Man Arrested For Repeatedly Sexually Assaulting Stray Female Dog

A 54-year-old man in India has been arrested by the authorities after they were caught on camera repeatedly sexually assaulting a female stray dog. The incident that we are talking about happened in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The man, who is a resident of the Barela’s Star City in Madhya Pradesh, was caught […]

PY Goh
January 16, 2021

Good News

Man Uses His Boat To Save Animals That Got Stranded Due To Flash Flood

Not all heroes wear capes, some are just disguised as normal human beings and they just want to do good for people. In the year 2016, a flash flood that hit Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi, caused thousands of people to evacuate their houses, which got destroyed. People did leave, but some poor animals got stranded. […]

PY Goh
January 14, 2021