9-Year-Old Girl With Autism Has A Higher IQ Than Stephen Hawking And Albert Einstein

A young girl from Mexico City that was born with Autism already has a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein and is currently developing a type of band that would help parents know the real emotions of their children. Adhara Perez Sanchez is currently shattering misconceptions about individuals with disorders to have good […]

Sahil Varma
November 10, 2021


Villagers Sling Cow Dung At Each Other During Unusual Religious Festival In India

Villagers from Gumatapura, India threw cow dung at one another to mark the ending of an unusual religious festival. Crows in Gumatapura, India celebrated the end of Diwali, the most important Hindu festival in India. The event starts with locals visiting homes to collect cow manure to throw them around at each other. Locals believe […]

Sahil Varma
November 9, 2021


Hero Dog Takes A Bullet To The Jaw While Protecting Her Family From Armed Thugs

A man’s best friend and protector. A rescue dog recently took a bullet to their jaw so they could protect her family from armed thugs. Kei, the young cross Malinois dog, was shot in the face while trying to protect her family during a violent home invasion in Benoni on October 3, where she took […]

PY Goh
November 9, 2021


Married Dad Wears Skirts And High Heels To Work To Prove That “Clothes Have No Gender”

A married dad of 3 kids is wearing skirts and heels to work to prove that clothes have no gender. Mark Bryan, an American Robotic Engineer who currently lives in Germany, believes that clothes are the last thing that should be gendered. Bryan says he is straight, is happily married, and loves “Porsche’s, beautiful women, […]

Sahil Varma
November 9, 2021