Pakistani teenager dies after TikTok prank involving weapon goes wrong

A teenager from Pakistan was found dead after they were reportedly involved in a TikTok prank that included a weapon went horribly wrong.

Hamidullah, a 19-year-old teenager, was trying to film himself for a clip that involved putting a handgun to his head and pulling the trigger.

The gun was loaded, said the authorities. 

The 19-year-old boy was shooting the video in the Swat Valley of the country.

Authorities said that the boy died on the spot.

A senior police officer that is investigating the death of the teen said:

This boy was pretending to commit suicide with a loaded pistol. He put the gun on his head and then it suddenly misfired. The unfortunate youngster died on the spot as he was directly hit in the head. There was no chance of survival.

The boy had around 8000 followers on TikTok.

Another thing about the incident is that the video Hamidullah filmed ended up on TikTok.

It is still unknown how it managed to end up on the platform.

A statement released by TikTok said that they deleted the video right away after they started to get reports about such thing.

They added in the statement:

At TikTok, we have no higher priority than protecting the safety of our community, and content that promotes or glorifies dangerous behavior is strictly prohibited and promptly removed to prevent it from becoming a trend on our platform. We also block related hashtags and searches to discourage people from participating in or sharing potentially dangerous content.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the teenager, may his soul rest in peace. 

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