Pedophile avoids jail after doctors found brain tumor that altered his judgement capabilities

A surgeon from the NHS has said that a man was once let off jail for pedophilia charges after doctors found that he had a massive brain tumor that was capable of altering his judgement. 

Dr. Karan Rajan, a famous surgeon on Tiktok, where has over 3.8 million followers, uploaded the video on the platform.

The doctor said that the tumor was responsible for making the man a pedophile. 

In the video that they shared, they said that the man happily married man in his 40s was arrested after he was found having sexual advances towards his 12-year-old stepdaughter.

The surgeon also said that he did it out of the blue.

The wife of the man did her own investigation and found child abuse images on his computer, which made her call the police.

Talking about the case, Dr. Karan said:

He was kicked out of home, and found guilty for molestation, and was due to be sentenced to prison. The night before sentencing, he was rushed to the ER with headaches. A brain scan revealed a large tumour in the right orbitofrontal cortex. This area controls social behaviour. Doctors said this caused his symptoms After the tumour was removed, his urges stopped.

After that, the man avoided getting sentenced. 

Dr. Karan also said that psychologists agree that the tumor that was present in his head stopped his ability to hide the urges and exposed what was there all along. 

However, people that saw the video were not agreeing with the doctor and said that the man should have been jailed despite the tumor being in their head.

What are your thoughts on the story that Dr. Karan shared on his TikTOk channel? Let us know what you think about the video by leaving a comment in the comments section below!  

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