Photographer Captures Moment Massive Crocodile Swallows Shark In One Bite

Caught in the right time.

A wild moment in Australia was caught on cam by a photographer, showing the moment a massive crocodile swallowed a shark in just a single bite.

In the image, you could see a 1500 pound crocodile eating a 100 pound bull shark with its massive mouth.

The amazing moment was captured by Mark Ziembicki, a 46-year-old research scientist and photographer, from North Queensland, Australia.

They were visiting the east coast when they caught the entire incident on cam.

Many people were left thinking about how a shark and a crocodile and shark were in the same place, but Mark said it is due to recent incidents.

The photographer said that the recent opening of the St Lucia Estuary and Excessive Rainfall inland caused freshwater species to be washed downriver into the coastal waters.

This caused the 2 apex predators to meet each other.

Mark said he captured the entire incident using his Canon 5D SLR Camera that has a 300mm lens.

Talking about the incident, he said:

While we were busy taking photos of another crocodile on the bank there was some commotion about one-hundred feet away. A local resident of the area who was also there shouted there was a croc eating a shark. We turned to see the shark thrashing away in the crocodile’s mouth. It spent about 10 minutes with the shark in its jaws, tossing it about. The shark gradually moved less until it was eventually swallowed whole headfirst. We were completely taken by surprise. We’d been observing both the crocodiles and sharks in the area for several hours and were wondering what would happen if the two might meet. We had our answer I guess, although obviously there was a size mismatch on this occasion.

Such a scary scene to witness, right?

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