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Police rescue adorable kitten trapped in engine compartment

A pair of Virginia State Police troopers are making headlines all over the world for rescuing an adorable kitten that was trapped in the engine compartment of the vehicle.

It was reported that the kitten climbed into the engine compartment of the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle reportedly stopped their vehicle to rescue a kitten that they had found on the side of the road.

In a post that the troopers made on Facebook, they said that the driver of the car pulled over to the side of Interstate 81 Exit 26 in Washington county to rescue a kitten at the side of the road.

However, the feline got scared and went right in the compartment of the vehicle.

The driver had to call for help.

Troopers Wayne Strumbo and BJ Norris were sent to the scene to help out the stranded driver and the scared kitten.

The kitten was safely removed from the engine of the vehicle.

No one was injured throughout the incident.

Authorities did not reveal where the kitten would be sent after the rescue was made.

Such an amazing story.

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