Police stop airplane that was preparing to take off so they could arrest child abduction suspect

The police ended up stopping an airplane that was preparing to take off from the Heathrow Airport so they could arrest a child abduction suspect that was on board.

The police stopped the taxiing aircraft after it was reported that a man on the flight had taken a 4-year-old girl without the permission of the mother.

The man was arrested by the police on suspicion of child abduction.

According to Sky News, the Nottinghamshire Police received the report and rushed to track the car, which the man was using in travelling to London.

They then used border checks to see where the man was going to.

It was later found that the man was heading to an airport.

They also got to know that he was booked on a flight to Bucharest, the Romanian Capital at 6pm of Friday (February 12, 2021).

Talking about the incident, Detective Sergeant Ruth Walker said:

When the report came in it was a race against the clock to find them. The plane was taxiing ready for take-off, but we were able to get there just in time before it took flight. The plane then returned to the terminal and the man was arrested. This was a hugely complex and challenging case, with its obvious pressures.

The man, who was not identified, was arrested on child abduction.

They were released on bail pending further inquiries.

Travellers are now being advised that they should look at something, perhaps sign when they are at the airport so we could prevent human trafficking.

People are suggested to approach the airport authorities and should stay away from the suspect or the suspected victim.

If you are in the air, you should not do anything on your own, instead, you should report it to the flight stewardess.

Flight staff will tell it to the pilot, who will then contact ground authorities.

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