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Are you still waitingfor some miracles by science? Want to visit Mars? Or you just want to have aflying car or a jetpack? Well, future is almost here. Science has already donemuch and still more to come.

You believe it or not,some of the incredible inventions are already here! This world has few marvelousbrains that are working hard to come up with some more incredible things. Thoseavailable new inventions are going to startle you soon. So get ready, and readon!

Eye Tribe!

Eye Tribe!

Fingers are about to become obsolete because this software will track your eye movement to control your computer, play games or even scroll through the web.

3D Printers!

3D printers!

Now 3D printers are becoming affordable as they are involved in making tiny to biggest things using  back-and-forth layering process.

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