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Imagine holding your breath longer than a minute, diving down into the blue depths of the ocean, and coming face to face with a shark. Imagine doing all of this with a feeling of absolute peace. That's the way photographer Jorge Cervera Hauser described his experiences in the open ocean. His passion for the vast depths drove him and his friends to explore the sea way beyond their comfort zone.

Here is a collection of photographs Hauser took during a 4 year period of expeditions with Pelagic Life, an NGO whose purpose is the protection of the Mexican open ocean through eco-tourism and the use of high quality images. Hauser took these photos while freediving in the open ocean, mostly in Mexico.

Hauser reports that he came up empty many times, spending hours in rustic fishing boats in an effort to catch pictures of the elusive open ocean sea life. It is all worth it, he says, when something rare like a smooth hammerhead comes along and poses just perfectly for you. According to Hauser, that makes it all worthwhile.

Whale Shark

Whale Shark
A whale shark glides gracefully through the water as it feeds on tiny plankton close to Isla Contoy in Mexico

Silky Shark

Silky shark
Hovering on the edge of the dark depths, this silky shark swam smoothly and silently beneath Hauser in the early morning 30 miles out in the open ocean off Baja, Mexico

Great White Shark

Great White Shark
The top predator of the ocean, this 14 foot Great White shark proved to be a fantastic model in the water of Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Lion Fish

Lion Fish
While no one can deny the beauty of the Lion Fish, this one photographed in the Bahamas is an invasive species in the Americas.

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