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It is the right of everyone to look fashionable. Many peoplelikes to look outstanding and up to date with the latest fashion includingclothes, shoes and accessories. However, common fashion is everywhere, but here’sthe story about a unique shoe designer, Kermit Tesoro.

“Difficult” shoes like this squid-design have won Filipino fashion and shoe designer Kermit Tesoro celebrity patronage. The 27-year-old drew the attention of Lady Gaga with his famous skull-heel shoes, which resulted in Tesoro’s heel-less design being featured in Gaga’s Gilt collection.

“I want to translate people’s deviations into my own creations,” Tesoro told us. “It’s like a fashion interpretation of the biological or psychological deviation of a person. I’ve always been driven to create clothing articles based on inner conflicts or the inability to control one’s inner impulses or failure to structure one’s behavior in an orderly way.”

Kermit Tesoro studied at UP Diliman College of Fine Arts. He enjoys going to hardware stores, collects books, and is a Nina Simone fan. Tesoro’s advice for aspiring designers: “Study, research, learn, identify the craft and avoid subverting or revolting without a cause.”

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