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Finding permanent homes to shelter cats is not mission impossible. That is what the animal shelter Homeward Bound decided to prove as it sent several adult cats at a Yoga Studio in Decatur, Illinois. Purring and beautiful the cats soon made a connection with the students in all the classes.


The idea came to Jeanette Skaluba, a social media volunteer at Homeward Bound, who organized the event after watching a video of the cat Oreo, 12-year-old, riding on her shoulder, which went viral. Jeanette said to herself “Cats rule the Internet, so maybe if cats are seen in a studio doing Yoga, that will provoke smiles and eventually adoptions. The collaboration between the animal shelter Homeward Bound and the Yoga Studio in Decatur was very successful and brought more than 500 USD for the shelter, while some of the cats were adopted.

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