Illegal Fishing Nets And Ocean Trash Are What Adidas Makes Sneakers FromTranslate

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Adidas has entered into partnership with the Parley For TheOceans, a creative environmentalism organization, aiming to create sneakersthat are made of discarded fishnets taken out from the sea and plastic waste.


Fishnets make a large part of the pollution in the ocean,yet part of them can be recycled. The sea-bound environmental activismorganization The Sea Shepherds has captured more than 72 km of illegalgillnets, as they tracked the illegal poachers who were wanted by wanted byInterpol off the coast of West Africa for more than 100 days.


The upper part of the shoes will be done with recycleplastics and the available net fibers in green. The base of the sneakers willbe done by other sustainable materials. Since Adidas company has ben accused of environment pollution byGreenpeace in the past, today the company wants to make amends. For that momentthese are just plans for the production of those shoes, yet the company plansto start using recycled fibers by the beginning of 2016.

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