You Can’t Wake Up? Try This High Voltage Ejector Bed!Translate

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They call him “The Mad Engineer” andthere is a reason for that! Colin Furze, who has created a fantastic set of retractableworking Wolverine claws, now has a new brilliant invention. He created the HighVoltage Ejector Bed, which throw you out of bed while producing sounds of carhorns and ringing bells.


The bad has been assembled by ColinFurze himself in his own garage. He used an ordinary domestic compressor, whichpowered the home-made pistons, which act by throwing the person out of bed. The inventor worked as a plumber before he started hostingthe show Gadget Geeks on Sky 1. He got the idea from the viewers of the Youtubechannel and was supported by an endorsement deal from the coffee brand Taylors of Harrogate. If you want to seemore of his brilliant and crazy designs, check the Youtube channel and thewebsite

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