Never Shoots A Armadillo! Its Armour Shell Has Proven To Be A Useful Defence Against BulletsTranslate

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Armadillos have a leathery armour shell, which has proven to be a highly useful defence against bullets according to two bizarre unrelated incidents. The first incident was recorded in Cass, East Texas. The county sheriff, Larry Rowe received a call about a man who had suffered a severe injury to his face, at his home.

The man, who was enjoying an evening at home with his wife, was suddenly disturbed by an intrusion from an armadillo at his home. He immediately took down his .38 revolver and went outside to shoot the armadillo. He apparently shot him three times and the last bullet ricocheted off and hit him full in the face. 

A similar incident also occurred in Georgia, when a man fired a shot at an armadillo, a ricocheting bullet accidentally shot his mother in law.

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