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A new social experiment, by Strayer University,looking into how we perceive the word 'success' has produced some interesting results.

The idea behind the experiment, was to petition the Merriam Webster English Dictionary, to redefine the interpretation of what the word Success actually means to Americans today.

They found that 90% of Americans, actually associated success with happiness, rather that achievements, such as wealth, fame and respect, which is the current meaning, according to the Merriam dictionary.

As part of their social experiment, Strayer university and Aplus came up with a unique idea- they invited people to take part in a video, where they would 'rate' their partners in terms of how successful they perceived them to be.  

The results were intriguing- they found that we all tend to Judge ourselves far too harshly. However, this does not mean that other will Judge us as harshly. 

The folks who took part in the video, couldn't agree more and they remarked that they were pleasantly surprized  by how their partners rated them. 

More info: | Aplus

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