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The home of the skateboard culture is California and its golden years were the 1970s. At thattim skateboarding has left a significant mark on the sport, and also on the cultural identity of America. The talanted photographer Hugh Hollandis has perfectly captured the spirit of this skatebord age and is presenting now his beautiful photo album named "Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978".

It is a fact that the drought that hit California in the 1970s has helped the popularity increase of the skateboard culture. Since swimming pools and drainage ditches laid empty and dry, that allowed the kids to carve them up with their skateboards. Some of these skateoards were simply coarse wooden boards with wheels. Today, the skateboards are laminated creations and still that tempting.

The photographer Hugh Hollandis was not a skateboarder, yet he spent three years following the skateboard kids to document their interesting subculture. His photo album is available on Amazon, and it offers a nice glimpse at that by-gone golden age. Check it out!

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