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So you want to go camping and your friends give you a horrified look right? Probably you have all been in that situation at least once in your life. Your friends (and especially your parents) picture you shivering out on in the cold woods, feeling hungry, desperate and uncomfortable.

Oh, common guys! Camping could be a great fun, if you are prepared and have at least a slight idea how you will survive out there. First, decide where you are going and then prepare! Se some single and clever tips that will make your camping trip very pleasant and worth remembering!

1. Make A List Before You Go.

1. Make a list before you go.
Write down everything you're going to need before you pack your bags. By doing so you will have plenty of time and will take everything required.

2. Learn How To Make A Proper Fire.

2. Learn how to make a proper fire.

No,  a bunch of charcoal brickettes and lighter fluid doesn't count. You'll look like an idiot. Many campgrounds will actually sell bundles of wood complete with a starter stick and instructions on how to build a stable fire that will last you all night.

3. Cook With Tinfoil.

3. Cook with tinfoil.

You can use tinfoil for cooking and preparing the grills. it keeps the moisture away and the flavor inside. The tinfoil can also be used as a serving tray.

5. Pack Frozen Bottles Of Water In Coolers.

5. Pack frozen bottles of water in coolers.

Use only plastic bottles, which will serve as ice blocks and will keep your food cold. Then you can use the ice as well and you can drink the water as it melts. With a proper cooler, the jugs can stay frozen for a long period of time.

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