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The Japanese have mastered the art of maximizing small spaces, as they tend to have much smaller homes than the US.This was very influential to the US architect who built this tiny house. Having experienced 20 years, living in Japan, Chris Heininge developed  this deceptively designed small hut.

Appearances can be very deceptive and at first glance this house appears very tiny. However, take a look inside and it is completely different. Everything has been carefully thought out and planned in order to take full advantage of natural light and maximum  efficiency with regards to space and functionality

The main living area, has large windows,allowing for as much natural light as possible and  a couch that easily converts to a bed. There is a small staircase with essential  items, such as a refrigerator and an electric fire

There is a bathroom with Jacuzzi, which is directly beside the Kitchen area

Moving on to the upstairs, the whole floor is taken up by the comfortably large bedroom, with plenty of space for storage.


Appearances Can Be Deceptive

Appearances can be deceptive
Chris, who lived in Japan for 20 years, gained a good understanding of that country’s rational use of small spaces. He decided to apply that experience in other countries.

The design of the interior gives a feeling of lightness and space; for such a tiny house there’s no sense that it’s too crowded.

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