The Most Heart Breaking Tribute To A Wife That You Will Ever See- Howard And Laura's StoryTranslate

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Laura and Howard have enjoyed a long and happy marriage- for 73 years. Sadly, Laura, is now terminally ill and almost blind. She spends her days in a hospice facility, with Howard in constant attendance. 
 Howard, and Laura, like most couples, have always had their 'special song'

For  Laura and Howard, their song is 'You'll never know" by  Harry Warren and Mack Gordon.

Their Granddaughter, Erin Solari, recalls that they would often sing their special song at family gatherings and special occasions. Erin also talks about how Howard used to sing their song to Laura, during his time away, fighting in World War 2.

Erin, clearly dotes on her loving Grand parents, and has recorded a video of her precious Grandpa, Howard, singing to  Grandma Laura, who is now spending her final days being cared for in a hospice facility.
This video, has now gone viral, unsurprizingly and it is one of the most touching, heart breaking videos. Yet, also clear undeniable proof, that love really does conquer all

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