Journalist Challenges Different Cultural Perceptions Of Beauty Through The Eyes Of Photoshop ExpertsTranslate

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In a fascinating and innovative project, Journalist Esther Honig, sent a photograph to different Photo shop experts. She asked them to alter this photograph, using the perceived ideas of what 'beauty' is according to their own cultural definition. The results were intriguing as there was a very different standards and ideas of what was considered to be  beautiful 

Esther Honig,was fascinated by the results of the project and is keen to gain more understanding on the many different perceptions of beauty on a global level., In summing up her findings she stated that:

’’Photoshop allows any of us to become "beautiful"’, says Esther, ’but if we compare our own understanding of that word to others in a global context, we see that beauty is essentially an illusive concept.’

Source: Esther Honig

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