Amazing Dog Rescuer Defies Officials When Hears Faint Cries From A Pregnant Dog Buried Alive!Translate

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When Rustam, was out for his daily walk, he was approached by a group of local residents, who were visibly upset after hearing yelps from underneath the steps of a housing unit. This housing unit had Just had some work, covering up  a sink hole with  a layer of sand and new bricks.

They soon realized, that there was something trapped and Rustam immediately set to work to remove the bricks, one by one, with a claw hammer.after hard hearted officials said they would not be able to help for a few days. After painstakingly removing several bricks, and a heavy layer of sand, an exhausted and very frightened  dog was discovered. 

Angry residents were sad to discover, that the dog was also pregnant and had been buried alive for at least two days. The dog was placed in rescue and is waiting to be rehomed. Sadly, it has been recently reported that she has lost her pups.

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