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There is an old saying 'man is a dogs best friend' and this is true, the bond humans share with animals can be as strong as a parent and a child. Animals can bring Joy and comfort to our lives and there are a lot of scientific studies that showing how beneficial  they can be. 

But what about the other way round, what do animals think of us? questions such as can they feel emotions the way we do? Is the bond between animals similar to humans? well, there have been many stories concerning animal friendships, including unusual animal friendships. There are also stories of animals mourning the loss of their human and many have maintained devoted hours by their humans grave. 

Stories of animals rescuing each other, risking their own lives to save others,.and the  list goes on. Well there is another well known saying- every picture tells a story- and from the pictures below, the story is clear the bond between animals and humans is undeniable.

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