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" Art for Art's sake" is a quote made famous by the Victorian Irish Author and Playwright Oscar Wilde. Although there have been many different interpretations of what he may have meant by this, it certainly helps with our understanding of what is meant by ' Minimalist Art'

 The main concept behind minimalism is the avoidance of 'emotional expression' which started out as a rebellion against that idea. A good analogy would be the idea of 'going back to basics'. In this case, using only geometric lines, shapes and the basic primary colors to create images, focusing on 'what is' rather than what the images may or may not represent.

Visual Artist Patrik Svensson , incorporates complex ideas into his designs. The end results are visually stunning simple imagery, which represents the elements of minimalist Art.

Svenssons clientele includes Starbucks and Airbnb and his work has also been featured in major magazines all over the world. 

Despite the fact that minimalism proposes no emotional expressions, it is difficult to imagine how the illustrations below can be viewed this way They are all open to interpretation it appears- what do you think?

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