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Historians and Archaeologists are often a useful resource for Law enforcement, when unidentified remains are discovered. However, recently they have been recreating the remains of important historical figures.

This fascinating project has produced exciting and surprizing results, Most notably are those of Saint Paul and England's Sir William Shakespeare. Their remains, were discovered in 2005 and 2012 respectively. 

Here are 10 pictures from their incredible collection

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There are many well known mysteries surrounding this famous 19 year old Egyptian Pharoah, and some studies of his remains, suggest that Malaria was the cause of his death. It is also interesting to note, that during the 1990's Historians believed that his name was wrongly interpreted. Prior to the 1990's his name was pronounced thus: Too-tan-car-man. (Tutenkhamen) and nopw this has changed to Tutankhamun ( too-tan -ca-moon

Henry IV of France First Revealed To The World In 2010

Henry IV of France first revealed to the world in 2010
revealed to the world in 2010    
This is believed to be the real face of Henry IV — the king of France and the leader of the Huguenots, who was murdered by Catholic fanatics in 1610. His likeness was revealed to the world in 2010.

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