Rose Bud Or Rose Bed? Little Girl Innocently Picks A Rose For Mom- But Guess Who Is Sleeping Inside?Translate

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When Angel Hixson picked a rose to give to her mom, she was surprised by her mom's reaction. For when they bent down to smell the rose, they were stunned to see something curled around the center of the bud- sleeping peacefully.When they looked closely, they saw a tiny baby lizard who was oblivious to everything fast asleep! 

In an interview with The Mail's Corey Charlton she explained:

 "As long as I live I will probably never see this again. My daughter picked me a rose, but we got a surprise when we went to smell it and found a lizard. It looked so cosy and peaceful, we couldn't bear to disturb it. It's certainly an interesting place for a nap."

There seems to be one other surprize to this story- that is that it appears that Megan, was not only able to pick the rose, but to carry it home to her mom- all without disturbing the lizard!

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