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.Whilst some teachers favor more traditional methods of teaching their students,there are a variety of methods of teaching methods and styles, which have been, and are currently being researched.

However,Debby Heerkens, a biology teacher at the Groene Hart Rijnwoude school in the Netherlands, has a highly innovative,and unique style, when it comes to teaching Biology. 

When her students were sitting down waiting for their class to begin, teacher Debby stood up on her desk and removed her outer clothing- revealing a body costume made out of spandex. This costume had illustrations for all parts of the body. The costume was in two parts, the top layer illustrating the vital muscles and organs and the lower layer, the bone structure.

Debby said that she was inspired when she saw someone wearing leggings with a similar design. Naturally, she sought the approval of the School's Director, prior to her unusual and highly creative class.

This novel approach has proven to be very popular among the students, who have been asking for more classes like this

More information about Debby's innovative teaching style can be found here:: | Facebook 

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