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Photography is an Art form, and in a previous article, looking at images,we looked at how simple Illustrations can transform right before our eyes, into something mesmerising.

This is certainly true when considering the work of Netherlands photographer,  Vitor Schietti, who, with a combination of his long exposure photography and a flash light, transforms regular trees and water into visually stunning images. 

The results are mesmerizing- see for yourself by checking out 15 of these transformed images below.

to view more of Schietti's photography, visit  his website, and you may also like to check out some  of his behind the scenes footage on his Vimeo channel.

An Array Of Colorful Magic

an array of colorful magic

The showering sparks create the streamer effects you see in these photos. The different images are then combined digitally, and the final result is a tree bursting with light.

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