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The art projects that we have selected below are so beautiful and so captivating, that they should not be missed! They come from all parts of the world to remind us that art is forever. Check 12 of the absolutely best 2015 art projects which will be remembered as impressive and memorable events.

The Plastic Balls Ocean In The National Building Museum

The plastic balls ocean in the National Building Museum
The installation with the plastic balls is held at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. The plastic balls this year were complete with a ’shoreline’ and that allowed the visitors to dive in if they want to. The ocean came with many mirrors placed all around, which further gave the impression of a much larger space.

The famous British artist Kendra Heist works with wire mshing, considered to be one of the most complicated scultpure materials. She was requested to make 13 sculptures by the Tower of London curator. The sculptures were to describe the history of the Royal menagerie. The artist tried to give each of the animal sculptures as much maning and underlying significance as possible.

The floating interactive flower garden was created at one of the largest art festivals in Tokyo. It featured more than 2,300 live flowers which kept on growing and even blooming during their use as part of this art installation. The flowers were lifting up in the air as a visitor approached them.

James Doran Webb  is the British artist behind this art installation. He uses gnarled tree roots and branches turning them into real wonders outstanding in their realism and attention to detail.

The park of Boulogne-sur-Mer in France is an art installation as well. We found out about that after the photographer Steve Hugh came across this amusing installation that is depicting flowers as if they had ’spilled’ out of a huge tube of paint.

Darren Pearson, a photographer and artist, who works under the pseudonym Darius Twin, has created these highly original and memorable sculptures by using neon light along with his camera.

This huge green dragon with a length of 45.7 metres can be seen near a farm in Norfolk, UK. The creator of this wonderful sculpture is John Brooker, who pays close attention to its appearance and regularly clips of any outgrowths of branches or leaves.

Done by the Ukrainian sculptor Aleksandr Milov, this sculpture depicts a scene of conflict between a man and a woman, within whom one can see two small children. The art installation was presented at the Burning Man festival. 

Called ’Key in Hand’, this art installation was created by the Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota and was completed specially for the Venice Biennale. The installation wants to remind us of the connection between all things on this Earth, including the cross-connections we can not predict, which occur in the fates of individuals. It  also wants to remind us about the importance of the memories we have.

This art installation was presented in Shenyang, China. It is a work of art by Bi Heng and depicts a giant panda in armour. The statue is 9 metres tall and 7 metres wide. It has the Yin-Yang symbol on its chest, as a symbol to  remind people that the whole world is interconnected and that we should not sacrifice nature for the sake of the technological progress.

The flower parade held in Holland is organized by 19 teams of volunteers. This year the parade show respect to the legacy of Vincent van Gogh. The results were more than wonderful!

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